Around August 2021. The world was grappling with the threat of COVID-19.

During this time, Suzuki, who was running a business in Akasaka BIZ Tower,

was feeling anxious about the continuously declining monthly sales.

Amidst this, the real story of RAMEN Mozubird came to be,

following Suzuki's encounter with

'Chikara Iyama,' the owner of 'yatagarasu' in Kudanshita.


Chikara Iyama is the owner of "Tokyo New Mixture Noodle Yatagarasu CHIKARABO,
" which he opened in Kudanshita in 2016. In 2022, the restaurant was relocated to Suidobashi,
and was renamed from "Yatagarasu" to "Tokyo New Mixture Noodle Yatagarasu CHIKARABO."

The menu specializes in salt and soy sauce ramen, and these unique dishes have received high acclaim globally.
Additionally, the restaurant has earned a spot in the prestigious
"Top 100 Restaurants" on Tabelog, Japan's largest food review site.

Furthermore, Iyama has collaborated with Zaiyu Hasegawa,
the charismatic owner and chef of the restaurant "Den,"
which has been crowned by the "Asia's 50 Best Restaurants" for five consecutive years,
a list sponsored by San Pellegrino and Acqua Panna.
They have created multiple collaborative dishes featured in both of their establishments,
highlighting their high status in Japan's culinary industry.

Recently, Iyama has also been involved in producing establishments located
in Mitsui Real Estate commercial facilities, such as "RAMEN Mozu,"
"Nihonbashi Toki," "FURON Char Siu," and "Uguisuya." Additionally,
his production efforts have expanded internationally to places like Taiwan, Russia, and Australia.

His main production activities include content development,
menu provision, and restaurant management consulting, providing broad support in these areas.

I've put together some information about Ramen Mozu, so please take a look.

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