Near the RAMEN Mozu shop is a world of "Harry Potter"

Harry Potter ACT theater

In conjunction with the opening of the stage play "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child," the streets around Akasaka Sacas and Akasaka Biz Tower have transformed into a fantastical world inspired by "Harry Potter." During this period, the streets resemble those of a magical world, as if you've wandered into the wizarding world by accident.

When you exit Akasaka Station, you'll immediately see a display inspired by "Hogwarts' moving staircases."

Hogwarts moving staircases

First, from inside Akasaka Station, the "Wizarding World Gate," which serves as the entrance to the Harry Potter magical world area, welcomes visitors with a display inspired by Hogwarts' moving staircases. The walls on either side are adorned with 42 pieces of artwork inspired by the "moving portraits" familiar to Hogwarts, and the ceiling is beautifully painted with a starry sky. A key feature of this space is the placement of a Time-Turner, symbolizing "turning back time."

"The Harry Potter Cafe" opens for a limited time.

The Harry Potter Cafe

Within the area, you'll find a limited-time Harry Potter cafe, large owl sculptures, banners of the four houses, and beautiful illuminations that elevate your mood just by walking around. Fans of the series should definitely not miss this opportunity.

Limited store "Harry Potter Mahoudokoro"

The limited store "Harry Potter Mahoudokoro," which specializes in official merchandise from the "Wizarding World" of "Harry Potter" and "Fantastic Beasts," is a must-see if you're in Akasaka! The store is elaborately decorated with Wizarding World themes and features approximately 800 items, including exclusive "Harry Potter Mahoudokoro" products. Below are photos of the products available in the store, so you can plan your purchases accordingly.

If you love Harry Potter, you absolutely must come here!

Hogwarts moving staircases

In this way, Chiyoda Line's Akasaka Station in Japan is filled with the world of "Harry Potter"! After enjoying the world of Harry Potter, please come and satisfy your stomach with traditional Japanese ramen at our shop "RAMEN Mozu," just a one-minute walk from this location.

Here is the location!

Hogwarts moving staircases

Additional note.

Tatsuya Fujiwara, a renowned Japanese actor who stars in the play "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" at ACT Theater, has visited our shop, RAMEN MOZU, several times.

Hogwarts moving staircases Hogwarts moving staircases


Hogwarts moving staircases